Data Visualization Tool

At the end of the summer of 2016, the Scott Institute implemented a MySQL database for its funded research projects and principal investigators. However, they needed a visualization tool for all their data. After two weeks of work with a colleague from my masters’ class, we implemented a python flash application with D3 plots that connects to their database.

Technology Consulting in the Global Community

As part of the Technology Consulting in Global Community (TCinGC) initiative, I spent ten weeks (May - July 2016), with an Information Systems undegraduate student, working with the Banking Commission (BC) of the Republic of Marshall Islands. Their responsibility is to “regulate the financial system for safety soundness and to deter money laundering and terrorist financing and secure access to the global financial system”. The Banking Commision used to receive all of their information though a paper-based submission process which would then be entered into a single Excel spreadsheet by the already staff-limited team.