Nixie Clock

I used to skim through Instructables every now and then, and I happened to encountered pictures of Nixie Tubes and people building their own Nixie Clock. I quickly went on eBay and decided to buy at least 7. The reasoning was “oh well, I want 6 digits for the clock and one extra just in case”. The seller was Russian and I was not able to understand the full description on the site but I could read there were 7 IN-12A Nixie tubes, so I bought them all.

Playing around with Vector by Anki

Vector is this AMAZING tiny robot with a huge personality developed by Anki. At the begining I was able to set up Vector to sing with me and write stuff down with a sharpie attached to his forklift. Sadly, the company is shutting down but the projects I made with this little guy will be up here soon … [GitHub Repo] --